5 steps towards a healthier lifestyle

I can’t be the only person who occasionally wakes up on a Saturday morning thinking: “How am I going to get through this day? We all know these Friday nights; a combination of good friends, great conversations and more beer then is good for you. As the evening proceeds, so does the quantity of pints and that is how you find yourself on a Saturday morning wondering. Why did nobody suggested to have some water? At least in between. Food is overrated, so a tray of snacks was diner.

Great stories never started with a salad 😊

Or start with a salad
Or start with a salad

The above scenario must be recognizable for some of you my followers. Every person feels the need to let the badger loose every now and again. And nothing wrong with nights like that, if they don’t interfere with your daily performance.  In order to focus on your goals, you need to be fit. Need a clear head. A healthy body. Once I realized that, I started making changes in my life. I try to keep my end game in mind all the time. I am not saying I don’t fall of the wagon every now and then, but overall, I try to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

First stop smoking immediately !

First quit smoking
First quit smoking

The biggest sacrifice I made was giving up smoking. But boy do I feel elevated! Was it hard? OF COURSE, IT WAS HARD. But worth it. Last Friday it was exactly one year ago that I quit smoking. Never touched another cigarette.  Despite earlier failed attempts I tried again last year November, but that time it was different. I felt an intrinsic drive to no longer be an addict. From one day to the other, I was a non-smoker.  One year down the road I feel better than before. Ok, now get rid of the kilo’s I gained because now I really enjoy my wife’s cooking 😊

I call it a sacrifice, but really? It is a relief. A big relief. Because I knew if I could achieve this, become a non-smoker, I could do anything!

4 things which contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Hit the gym
Hit the gym

There are 4 other things I try to live by, which contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We covered the stop smoking (1), but here is the rest of the list:

  1. Don’t drink on school nights – Alcohol slows you down. It distracts you of what is really important. Be realistic, you don’t have to quit alcohol, just limit it to one or two nights a week. And preferably in the weekend, so you don’t have any obligations the day after.
  2. Walk you dog or hit the gym – I am fortunate to have Max; he needs to be walked every day; also when it rains cats & dogs. I am forced to go outside, and since he is no chihuahua it aren’t small walks. But even when you don’t have a dog, go exercise. Hit the gym during lunch time, you will be amazed how many insights come to you when using the treadmill.
  3. Watch your food – Don’t get me wrong, I am a foody! I love food and food loves me, since it sticks on me 😊 When my wife asks me what I like for dinner, the answer most likely involves Campbells tomato soup, eggs sunny side up or nachos. I don’t hate veggies, they just are not on top of my wish list. Quitting smoking forced me to think about food. The last thing I wanted was to become massive. I am not refraining myself from anything, I just try to make the right choices. Mayonnaise on a yoghurt base, wholegrain bread vs white bread, coffee without sugar, that kind of choices. Easy to make, and they make the difference.
  4. Cherish your sleep – We sleep one third of our lives. That is not a waste of time, it is crucial to be able to deliver great performances during the day. How many hours you need per night differs per person. Hall Elrod, writer of the Miracle Morning, has experimented tremendously with sleeping time. He tried anything between 4 and even 12 hours. I was inspired by this but haven’t tried it (yet). For me, 8 hours per night is perfect. What is your perfect night sleep?

I could make this list longer, but let’s focus first on changes that are easy to implement in your life.  You don’t need to change your complete life overnight, start with simple steps. If I can do it, you can do it!

Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams !

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