What to do when You feel empty or overwrought ?

Life can be stressful for everyone sometimes. It is easy to become overwhelmed and anxious when you are dealing with various problems in your life such as family issues, relationship struggles, money difficulties, problems at work, or other annoying obstacles in life. For many individuals, it can be a struggle to stay positive and feel in control when there are so many worries present.

The good news is that you can take control again and trust in yourself if you practice healthy habits and start small. You can’t expect your whole life to change overnight, so it’s important to be patient and take baby steps when healing your mental state of mind. The following tips can help those who are feeling overwrought, depressed, or distracted and looking to make major positive changes in their lives.

Practice Relaxation

Slow down
Slow down

Sometimes we all need a little bit of relaxation in this busy and chaotic world. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with everything, take a breather. Take frequent breaks from situations that make you anxious and remember to let yourself rest. Indulge in hobbies or activities that calm you down, such as reading a good book or enjoying a nice hot bath. Let your mind and body recuperate from all the hard work you do.

Express Your Feelings

Holding everything in can only make things worse. It’s important to express your thoughts and emotions to others and to seek support from your friends during stressful or sad times. Humans actually have a biological instinct to look to others when feeling poorly. If you aren’t entirely comfortable opening up to people, start small. Begin by confiding in those who you trust and love the most.

Acknowledge Your Problem

Many of us have a hard time admitting that we are struggling, but acknowledging your stress is the only way to overcome it. Trust in yourself and get in touch with your inner turbulence. It’s a lot easier to take control again when you can see the problem and work towards a good solution.

Find A Hobby

take a hobby
take a hobby

Pursue an activity that you find enjoyable. All work and no fun will quickly cause mental and emotional burnout. Feelings of emptiness can be remedied with fun hobbies that you can look forward to. Gardening, knitting, hiking, painting, baking, dancing, and yoga are all examples of hobbies that can be great for stress relief. Find something that brings you joy and go for it!



A great way to reduce stress is to meditate regularly. The best way to do this is to sit up straight on the floor and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and focus on inner peace. Tell yourself that you are loved and you feel tranquil. Meditating on a regular basis can lower blood pressure and slow your heart rate, which is what you want when you are overstressed.

Start Out Slow

Don’t try to turn your life around in a single day. Set realistic goals and start small. Stress doesn’t just go away in an instant, it’s a gradual process. Do something small everyday, like taking a relaxing walk or meditating before bed. Trust in yourself and know that you will take control again with one little step at a time.

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Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams !

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