Turning down an opportunity – What to consider

Some of you have been following me for a while. You have noticed that I write frequently about independence, following your dreams and doing what makes you happy.

I do realize I am fortunate to be in this position to pursue these values. Long story short; we all need income to live. There are a few ways to obtain income, at least a few legal ways 😊 Either you become an employee for a boss or you become self-employed. I chose the path of self-employment way back, a path that turned out to be the right one for me.

Not enough hours in the day

Not enough hours in the day
Not enough hours in the day

There were periods I had 3 assignments at the same time, but there were also times when I was left empty handed. Evidently, during those times, panic struck from time to time. For some reason I thought “you are only as good as your last assignment” (which is ridicule by the way!) and when time passed before a new assignment was agreed, I became insecure. It was during a period like that that I decided I wanted to get rid of my dependency of employers. Not knowing if my interim contract would be extended after the original period made me nervous. When they only want to contract me for one day a week, what results can they expect after one month? Experiences like that only strengthened my decision to become independent. Yet, with steady income.

Ideally, I work 2 or 3 days a week on a paid assignment and the other days I use to pursue my dreams. Being an online entrepreneur. Being independent, doing what I love. But then, one day, an opportunity presents itself.


A great assignment. There is a good click with the potential employer and you believe in what he does. Sounds great to combine with your other activities. But then…. It turns out he wants you 40 hours a week…. On an interim base yes, but 5 days a week. There will be no time left to pursue your dreams on the side (evenings and weekends apart of course). Tempting. But it delivers a dilemma. What are you to do? I believe there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you decide what to do.

Questions to consider:

Questions to consider
Questions to consider

Is money your driver?

Don’t be tempted by the money! Money is a bad counselor. Sounds great to have some extra cash, but don’t let it be your driver. After all, money doesn’t make you happy. It enables you to do things that make you happy, remember that.

Does it support your long-term goals?

Like me, you have your long-term goals set straight. You know where you are and where you want to be at some point in the future. Or at least around that point.  This new assignment, will it help you get there? Will it make you get there quicker? Or will you built relationships that might help you in the future?

Does it make you happy?

If it doesn’t make you happy, it won’t last to start with. And I don’t mean it has to make you smile, but I do mean it has to make you feel content.  What is the team setting? Will you be able to contribute significantly to make you feel proud? Because happy can be replaced with pride at this point too.

Will you be able to learn new things?

The assignment itself, will it be challenging? Or will it be repeating your tricks? Nothing wrong with using your knowledge and sharing this with your employer. I mean, he is paying for it. But keep in mind if it will be challenging for you. When you are challenged, most likely you are learning new things. And that will most likely make you happy and will support your long-term goals.

What is the impact?

Of course, the impact is money in the bank. Money which you can use after your assignment to spend on other matters. But also let other factors weight in. Will it mean you need to get up every day as six a.m. in order to be at the office on time? How will that influence your life?

I can’t decide for you what is the best or the wisest thing to do. These 5 questions are all I have to offer you for this dilemma. Hopefully they will guide you through it and deliver you the right answer.

Roll the dice

Roll the dice
Roll the dice

In doubt? Take a gamble. After all, you will only regret the things you haven’t done said a wise man once.

I know you want to become independent like me. Let me help you. Watch the video series by clicking on below banner. Invest a few dollars. It will be worth it!

Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams !

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