The Power of Patience

“Good things come to those who wait” is a phrase you must have heard at some point. For the record, I don’t believe in this. I much more like the phrase “Good things come to those who f**king earn it!  Excuse my language but this is part of the sentence 😊

A lot can be found on the internet about patience. I am not referring to the card game. I am talking about this patience; the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Waiting ….

Use the time
Use the time

We are all dealing with delays. Or with (in our eyes) unnecessary waiting time. This can be anything from waiting to board your aircraft, waiting in line for the supermarket, waiting for your online blog to get approved, waiting for your app to be approved in the apple store and so on.  But the funny thing is, patience is not about waiting. No. It is about the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

Interesting huh? Let’s zoom in on this behavior part and ask yourself the question; how do I behave at the airport while waiting to board my flight? Let me answer that question for myself.

The airport story.

Airport story
Airport story

So, at first, I slowly move through the airport, since I arrived way before my flight is scheduled (this brings me piece of mind). After scanning the shops, probably after a purchase in some gadget shop, I maneuver towards the gate. Way before boarding time, but that is me 😊. So, I find myself a spot with good view on the gate, the ground stewardesses and information screens. I glance at my phone and scroll through articles and newsfeeds. After I while, I get distracted by the buzz of the ground stewardesses. They are about to call the first passengers. I stuff everything away and get ready to jump off my seat to be sure to be one of the firsts to enter the plane. I keep a close look; my heartbeat slowly increases. I see other people preparing to make their way. From the corner of my eye I already see people disembarking their seats. But there has been no announcement yet! And I have been here as one of the firsts to wait for this moment, so I feel entitled to be one of the first people. I leave my seat (still no announcement). I grab my hand luggage and “casually” make my way to the front, pretending to be distracted by my phone. I am almost there (still no announcement). Shit. I glance at the stewardess and she stares back at me. “can I help you sir?”.

Ehm…. “I want to make sure I don’t miss my flight”. Of course, she looks at me like a first timer. “We will call for all passengers sir”. I KNOW THAT I want to scream out, but I don’t. I do the walk of shame back to my seat. And just when I took it, they make the announcement! Impossible to run back, that would be too awkward, I end up in the middle of the line.

By now, I am irritated. Frustrated. I was so close to be the first one to embark, and now I am set back to a mediocre position. After what seems like an hour, I reach the point where I can show my passport and boarding pass. The same stewardess looks at me with a smile and says: “Sir, we wouldn’t have left without you” and wishes me a nice flight.

Make effective use of waiting.

Work while waiting
Work while waiting

During my flight, this got me thinking. Because I do see them; happy travelers. Even happy business travelers. They wait. They wait in patience for their turn. And in the meantime, whilst waiting, they get things done. They work on their email, blogs or reading. They seem to be peaceful. Patient. They make the most of it, they make effective use of their time.

What I am trying to get you to think about with the above piece is how you spend your time and how you are dealing with delays.

If you don’t focus on what you are waiting for (the airplane, the train, the results of your test) you will have free time to work on your goals. Make waiting time, working time. Make time work for you!

Go earn good things!

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Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams !

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