Dealing with negativity

Dealing with negativity

Fact: Not everybody is a happy spirit. As simple as that. Sometimes because of thecircumstances they are in, sometimes because they are just negative.

First of all, I like to give you a few methods how you can deal with negative people around you. Because that is the last thing you need. Generally they can be divided into 3 groups:

Negative by nature

Make sure you don’t hang around people like this too much. This group ofpeople can’t be turned around. They most likely suffer from a inferiority complex. Things “happen” to them, they don’t make their own choices(or so they want you to believe) and if they encounter setback it is never their own fault. Advice: Avoid & run.

Negative by circumstance

Try to be a friend
Try to be a friend

Getting fired from a job, losing a parent, fighting with loved ones;those can all be circumstances that get people to become negative. They don’t see the bigger picture when going through a phase like that, they just see dark clouds. The behave defeated and have no joy in their daily routines. But by heart, they are not like that, it is just the moment that they are going through. Advise: Try to be a good friend. It can be hard to stand by and watch, but the only thing you can really do is listen to their worries and try to support them in any way you can. Don’t try to be the fixer. Time will solve this.

Negative by behavior

Be the happy spirit
Be the happy spirit

I like to make a comparison with toddlers here. If you have kids, you will remember this “No” phase they went through. No to their favourite shirt, no to spinach, no to cuddles. I am sure it drove you mad at the time. Unfortunately there are also adults who exhibit this behavior. Their first answer will always be negative. It is hard to cope with these people. Advise: Remain positive.  Always approach these people as the happy spirit you are. It might affect them. Don’t let yourself be affected by them, but you can try to affect them.

Overall advise: don’t take it personal. Just because they behave negative, doesn’t mean you are the cause of it or you should have the solution. Just being there for them can make a difference.

Negative thoughts

It canhappen to you as well. That because of the circumstances your spirit is down and you get overwhelmed with negative thoughts. There are a few things that help me during times like that. Check out my list here, they might be useful for you too.

  • Hit the gym. Occupy your mind with other thoughts. The endorfine that your body produces will drive away any negative thoughts you might have had.
  • Focuson the positive things in your life. Think about things that make you happy,like burning the fire place, having diner with friends or simply the smell of afreshly mowed lawn.
  • Try to learn something from the situation. What brought you here? How did you end up in this place? How to avoid it next time? Try to be conscious about every step.
  • Take a step back and evaluate the negative thought. Is your worry really as big as you have made it by now in your mind? Approaching it with a helicopter view breaks it down in small pieces.
  • Have a cup of tea! Tea is the solution for all worries if you want to believe the Japanese.  What this resembles of course is relaxation. It can be that your negative thoughts are driven by stress. Try to destress by taking a moment for yourself.
Drink tea and relax
Drink tea and relax

Negativity can slow you down in business. WANT to know how to overcome this.?Interested to hear more? Click below banner and remain the happy spirit that you are. After all, more is reached from a positive point of view than a negative.

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Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams !

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