5 Creative Ways to Get Inspired

The Most Valuable Place on Earth

They say that the most valuable place on Earth is the graveyard where people have left their dreams unfulfilled. The biggest reasons why people don’t pursue their dreams is because they don’t feel inspired. I know I have felt that way. There have been times when I have wanted to write short stories and thought, “Who would want to read these?” However, after looking for inspiration, I have found the energy and the passion to write those stories. Below are some of the tried and true ways that many people have found their passion to get started. 

1). Set Goals

Setting goals is the single most powerful way to go from doing nothing to doing something. I set a goal to write one short story and publish it on my blog every Friday afternoon. That meant that I had to come up with an idea on Monday, write a first draft on Tuesday, write a second draft on Wednesday and then edit on Thursday. Setting this goal gave me the inspiration to publish one short story, per week, for over a year. 

2). Go for a Walk

creative spark
creative spark

If you are looking for some creative spark, going for a walk is one of the best ways to get activate your brain. Going for a walk allows you to get some fresh air, circulate the blood through your body and open up your mind to new ideas. Personally, I have gotten many short story ideas from simply going for a walk. 

3). Watch a Rags to Riches Story

authentical stories
authentical stories

If you ever thought, “I can never make it.” Then it is best to read, watch or listen to the story of someone who went from the very bottom to the very top of their profession. These authentical stories can really show you that anything is possible. Stephen King, one of the most successful novelist of all time, once didn’t even have enough money to buy paper to write his stories. Today, Stephen King has published over 50 novels and have sold over 400 million copies of his books. 

4). Step Away From All Types of Media for a While

Social media, TV and video games have a great way to “turn your brain off” from thinking. Therefore, if you want to “turn on” your brain, then it is a good idea to step away from all your digital devices. When I go for a walk, I don’t bring any smartphone or music player with me. This allows me some good time to be with my thoughts. 

5). Brainstorm Ideas


A great way to spark inspiration is to simply get writing. When I want to come up with an idea for a short story, I write down at least 25 ideas on a piece of paper. Don’t edit yourself. Write any idea that comes to your head. Eventually, you’ll come up with an idea that is so original, pure and authentical, you’ll want to get started on that project right away. 

Getting Started

Passion doesn’t just happen. You have to take some steps to get started. Set goals, spend some time away from your devices, look for authentical stories of success and brainstorm ideas to get the inspiration to get going.

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Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams ! I’m back on the 2nd January 2019  Happy Holidays !

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