Elk commercieel vraagstuk is mijn uitdaging! Groeien gaat niet vanzelf. Als er behoefte is om je bedrijf te laten groeien dien je je een aantal dingen af te vragen. In welke markt begeeft jouw bedrijf zich? Wat is de behoefte in die markt? Op welke doelgroep richt ik mij met mijn bedrijf? Welke klanten passen bij mijn groei-ambities? Is de cultuur binnen mijn bedrijf of … Meer lezenWelkom!

Mijn diensten

Interim Sales Afwezigheid van een salesmanager? Nieuw product lanceren of het openbreken van nieuwe markten? Opstarten van een nieuw verkoopteam? Optimale aansturing van de sales afdeling zonder tijdverlies! Achterlopend op targets? Zomaar een paar redenen om een interim sales professional in te huren. Sales Management Aan de hand van een analyse maak ik een plan … Meer lezenMijn diensten

Personal Connections in a Digital World.

Technology and the capabilities of mobile communication have changed the world and the ways we do business over the past three decades. You can instantaneously connect with a personal or business associate and resolve an issue in a fraction of the time required to have a face-to-face encounter. Adding in the time taken to set a meeting … Meer lezenPersonal Connections in a Digital World.

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

Your reputation in your professional and personal life is invaluable. It’s one of the most important assets that you have. As you navigate your way through the working world, you’ll find that your reputation precedes you.  If you are always demanding, hard to work with, and constantly breaking your promises, you’ll find that you are always passed over for promotions and other … Meer lezenDon’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

Why Time Management is of Great Importance ?

It may seem easier to be laid back and not plan out your time, but this will actually cause you more anxiety in the long run. A lack of time management means a lack of focus for your day. Without focus, your life will have no balance. Balance in time. Balance is about having enough time in your day to accomplish everything … Meer lezenWhy Time Management is of Great Importance ?

You are capable of more than you think !

Sorry guys, you must have missed me last week. The reason I missed my weekly blogs was a justified one…. I moved. Not just with my office, but with my entire house. So, imagine, packing ALL your things in boxes and move. I suggested to the Misses we let the movers pack; she wouldn’t hear … Meer lezenYou are capable of more than you think !

5 Creative Ways to Get Inspired

The Most Valuable Place on Earth They say that the most valuable place on Earth is the graveyard where people have left their dreams unfulfilled. The biggest reasons why people don’t pursue their dreams is because they don’t feel inspired. I know I have felt that way. There have been times when I have wanted … Meer lezen5 Creative Ways to Get Inspired

Dealing with negativity

Fact: Not everybody is a happy spirit. As simple as that. Sometimes because of thecircumstances they are in, sometimes because they are just negative. First of all, I like to give you a few methods how you can deal with negative people around you. Because that is the last thing you need. Generally they can … Meer lezenDealing with negativity

Five Ways to Tackle Procrastination Head-On

Whether you’re a high school student trying to write an essay, or an experienced business associate preparing a sales pitch, procrastination affects us all. Thankfully though, it’s not the end of the world. Here are five ways to tackle procrastination head-on. 1. Do the most challenging thing first. Is there a particular task that is … Meer lezenFive Ways to Tackle Procrastination Head-On