What is Digital Economy ?

Digital economy is an economy that is purely based on the use of digital computing technologies to conduct business whether internally or externally. On the other hand, it may also be defined as a way of doing business through markets, with the help of the internet and the World Wide Web. Apart from this, Digital economy may also be termed as Internet Economy, Web Economy, and New Economy.

Don Tapscott coined the term Digital Economy in his 1995 best-selling book. Don observed that businesses had taken a new turn, and they were more reliant on the use of technology to conduct business.
With the continued growth of the internet, the digital platform of the economy has grown exponentially as well. It is estimated that this form of economy is worth more than $3 million. This is equivalent to 30% of the S&P 500, which is six times more than the U.S. and UK’s annual trade deficit. An interesting point to note, however, is the fact that this growth has taken place within the last three decades when the internet was launched.

The international trademarket

Impacts of Digital Economy.

The growth of the economy has a significant effect on the economy as a whole. The notion behind this argument is based on the fact that many businesses have embraced the internet as a way of enhancing growth and promoting their companies. As a matter of fact, many companies are nowadays using social media sites to advertise their products. These companies have realized that the use of social media sites brings in more clients since more consumers are using these social sites on a daily basis.

Digital networking provides a universal platform where organizations and business people can interact, collaborate, and devise new strategies to search for factual information. In a digital-oriented economy, the same principle is applied. For instance, when organizations meet, they devise new ways in which they can minimize competition and increase productivity. In such a situation, the involved companies may decide to implement the use of social media due to its power to reach out to a high number of people within a short time.

World Business
The world is your market

Helps to execute tasks faster and accurately.

Thanks to this digitized type of economy, organizations can highlight opportunities. Apart from this, business owners are in a better position to view the importance of technology in executing various roles within a business entity.
The use of digitized economy has also made it easier for businesses to streamline their overall operations. This can be based on the fact that the form of technology employed by Digital-mediated economy helps business owners to execute various tasks faster and accurately.

As the world’s economy turns towards a fully-enhanced digital platform, retailers and business owners are leveraging the use of technology to reach out to a high number of consumers. The notion behind this argument is based on the fact that retailers and business owners employ the use of mobile apps and online sales to identify potential buyers. They usually do this by analyzing the browsing activities of the buyers and determining their interests. There are therefore in a position to tailor-make products and services based on their consumer’s interests hence increasing their awareness and promoting their business.

Entrepreneurship !

Become a Businessman

With the advancement of technology and the urgency to invest in different business ventures, many people have set foot in the world of digital entrepreneurship. Digital entrepreneurship has made it easy for business owners to run and manage their businesses online, and buy and sell products at the comfort of their office seats. The good thing about digital entrepreneurship is the fact that anyone with the knowledge to use the internet can become a digital entrepreneur.

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Human to Human approach

In these times of loudness how do you stand out of the crowd with your business? Why should potential partners deal with you and not with your neighbour? In what way can you connect them to you, your business and your brand and turn them into repeat customers? I have been struggling with questions like this in the past. The more technology became the new normal when communicating with (potential) customers, the more difficult it became to stand out.

Customer Journey

Customer Journey starts online
Customer Journey starts online

Think about it; when potential customers look for suppliers, they start their journey nine out of ten times online. They will visit websites, read blogposts, scan whitepapers and maybe even do some investigating in financial reports. I bet you they will find the same information for all companies; they are all the best in their field, they all won awards, they all have fantastic customer reviews. So, at the end of the day, the potential customer is confused. It can not find any differentiation in brands.

The differentiator does exist though. The differentiator is YOU. Unfortunately, you do not get the chance to meet all your prospects in person. As said, some will research online and not reach out. So, it is very important that you try to make the differentiator (YOU!) as visible as possible, also online. All a bit vague for you?

Be the trusted, genuine advisor.

Be the trusted advisor
Be the trusted advisor


It all comes down to this: Be the genuine, storytelling trusted advisor your client wants to have a conversation with.

  • Genuinity, how genuine is someone really? From time to time you might play a roll, but genuinity will get you furthest.
  • Tell a story; (a genuine story of course) Take your customers by the hand without patronizing them; take them on a journey which leads them to your solution/product.
  • Be the trusted advisor; Work on your (online and offline) reputation. Become the subject matter expert. Expose this via blog posts or public speeches. Have your current client base underline your capabilities.
  • Have that conversation; great if you let Facebook handle your automatic replies! But you are the one that will have the actual conversation with your clients. Make it matter and be genuine.

If you make this your mantra, you can only be successful.

Learn, Do and Teach
Learn, Do and Teach

Learn, Do and Teach.

 It was actually the genuinity that caught my attention in the story of Jay and Stuart. . They not only positioned themselves as trusted advisors pretty rapidly, it was their story , underlined by people who had followed their path, which made me curious. And I know, normally curiosity kills the cat 😊 but in this case it made me rise like a phoenix!

Have a look at their free video trial and experience first hand how their story can make you change your life!

Have a great week and remember: Be the genuine, storytelling trusted advisor your client wants to have a conversation with.

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The Power of Personal Development Coaching (including a secret!)

A personal development or business coach is one of the most powerful tools an individual can utilize when trying to reach certain goals or when facing certain challenges. However, due to various limiting beliefs, most people will never even look into hiring a coach who can help them understand and overcome areas of their life they may be struggling in. Some people may think of personal development coaches and get the idea of late-night television commercials with self-help gurus running around a stage. Others may think of business coaches and believe, falsely, that they are only for the wealthy or ultra-successful. Whatever belief is holding you back from utilizing a coach what you must understand is that the most successful people in the world have almost always used a development coach and for good reason.

Do we have to fail to succeed ?

Do we first have to fail
Do we first have to fail

We all go to school for a very simple reason. Because there are teachers at the school with a great deal of information that we wish to acquire. However, when it comes to our personal lives or professional success there is a belief that the school of hard knocks is the only way to go. That we must learn everything ourselves and fail many times over in order to finally succeed. While this is certainly one way to go about achieving personal and professional success it is by no means the most efficient or effective. Why learn something from scratch when there are thousands of coaches out there who can guide you to exactly what you need to know to get to where you want to be?

Let someone help you reaching your goals.

Let a coach help you
Let a coach help you achieve your goals

What a coach is able to do is to look at your unique set of circumstances from a non-personal and non-biased perspective and give you the advice and information you need to move forward. So, if you are struggling with the decision of whether or not to open a new business, for example, there is a coach out there who can help you to better understand your options and give you an outsiders perspective on how to move forward. Or, if you are trying to implement a new habit into your life but continually find yourself missing the mark there is a development coach that can help you hold yourself accountable for the goal you wish to accomplish.

Accept guidance.

Accept guidance
Accept guidance

A coach is an asset that you can utilize to help you make challenging decisions. Coaches are tools that can help to guide you through major internal or external struggles you may be facing. Hiring a coach means that you are accepting guidance from an individual more experienced. It does not mean that you have failed or that you are incompetent. Incompetence is going for many years trying to accomplish something and failing because you were missing a critical piece of the puzzle. Instead, receiving coaching is a commitment to speeding up the process of success by cutting out the noise which can hamper your decision-making. Don’t let limiting beliefs hold you back from a tool as powerful as coaching.

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Let me share a secret with you…. I used a coach when I finally decided to quit smoking. And guess what? I was sucessful!  Regardless of your goal, an outside view from a coach can beneficial!

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Work Life Balance (not the regular blog!)

I can guess what you thought reading the headline of my blog: “Oh here is another self declared expert on the work life balance matter telling me how I should work hard and play hard.”

That is at least what I always think when I read article headlines which cover this content. Things like “let’s place a football table in the canteen and everything will be fine”, “teambuilding events in Belgium” and “TGIF drinks” just aren’t my perspective of balancing things.

Take a walk.

Walking with the dog
Walk with Max, our Labrador.

When you are self-employed,it should be easier to create a healthy balance between work and private life. Said no one ever. At least not the self-employed. Of course, you are more flexible with setting your working hours and even working place, you can take your dog for a walk during lunch time and you even can take a half day just because the sun is shining.

HOWEVER,. It also means answering emails on Saturday, writing blogs on Sunday and keeping a close look at your socials during the weekend. If you are lucky, you surrounded yourself with other enthusiastic entrepreneurs, so the occasional WhatsApp message also comes in on Saturday afternoon which requires your attention. (I could devote a whole blog to business WhatsApp groups, but let’s not for now!)

Modern technology.

Internet , e-mail or mobile phone.
Internet , e-mail or mobile phone.

I have been working 34 years now (that sounds like a lifetime!) and I have seen a lot changing. Working from home? Out of the question in 1984. Talking to your coworkers by mobile phone? Or even seeing them via e.g. skype? Sounded like a scene from Back to the Future in 1985. To my believes, we have come a long way. Employers have enabled us to work more flexible, and modern technology has helped us to act more independent. But this same modern technology is at the same time a threat for our work life balance.

I remember the time without mobile phones. Without internet. Without email. We used landlines. We used faxes.  We would drive to our (potential) clients and present them our offers. In person. Every single time. Was it hard? Yes! Did it work? Yes! It was just the way we did things back then….

Do I long back to these times? NO! Because business life did get easier. Or at least less hard. Cold calling? No longer necessary. With LinkedIn you can look up anybody you like. Nobody is unfindable anymore.

What am I saying here? Yes, business did get easier with all modern technology, but it endangered our work life balance.

5 tips how to create a healthy work life balance.

Keep your balance
Keep your balance

I am certainly not the best in class on this subject, but I can share with you my top 5 on this matter;

  1. Make yourself a priority, in the end it all comes down to you. Keep yourself a happy person
  2. Work hard, but remember you don’t live to work
  3. Keep your promises. Finish your project on time, but also don’t miss that pub night with your mates.
  4. Say no every now and then. Not for the sake of it, but just because you want to focus on what is important (see #1)
  5. Reflect regularly. I covered this in my blog posted earlier (Off the beaten track), take an “away day” every now and then.

Do you also want to become more in balance? Escape your current work? Be more flexible to enjoy the things that really matter in life? Read HERE something that can help you with that. It sure was helpful for me!

Not to late to start creating your well-balanced future. Check out the video series HERE which will help you become more balanced.

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Please share with me your ideas on this matter in the comments below. How are you protecting your work life balance?

Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams !

Discover How to Escape Your Comfort Zone

Discover How to Escape Your Comfort Zone

Most people hear about leaving their comfort zones, but how many heed the words? It’s called a comfortzone for a reason! It’s a natural human tendency to seek comfort and to stick with pleasurable situations. It’s not quite the same for adventuring or challenging yourself. Those qualities will require a bit of effort on your part.

Getting outside of your routine to try new things requires that you visualize the “new you” instead of fixating on your present state. That’s easier said than done, but learning how to accomplish this is a skill that will help you overcome the challenge. It’s crucial that you adopt the practice of quieting your mind and focusing your attention on a new self-image.  The method is well-known by successful people, and the ability to visualize success helps people in fields as diverse as sports and academics.

Your Transformation Begins with Belief.

It’s equally crucial to trust in yourself throughout the transformation process. Any self-doubt may neutralize your efforts, so be on the alert for self-limiting ideas. These old tropes reoccur for all people who are looking to establish a new identity. It’s your job to visualize the results and eliminate the doubts that occur naturally. Being skeptical may help consumers avoid dubious purchases, but it’s not helpful for anyone who is seeking to make changes. Believe you can do it and you’re halfway there.

Visualize goals
Visualize goals

Set sharp goals and objectives with meetable deadlines and benchmarks. That way, you can easily visualize more success as time progresses. Accomplishing goals on a regular basis helps you learn to trust in yourself in a way that few other methods rival. Try it ! And book your Free Video training here !

Escape the Monotony of Daily Life.

It’s just as easy to picture your comfortzone as a prison as it is to view it as a sanctuary. Sure, you may feel safe in your “comfortzone,” but you’re missing out on all kinds of life experiences because of your inability to innovate. Lack of expansion holds you back and prevents you from being your best. It may seem like a difficult task to change and evolve, but it’s a liberating event when it happens. Never quit striving and learn the tactics necessary to make your time in the comfort zone a thing of the past.

It pays to consider all the times you’ve already moves past the zone. Think back to the times in life when you had to accomplish something that terrified you. You are more courageous than you think and beginning a new journey is the best way to prepare you for more significant achievement. One thing is sure about the comfort zone. Although you will not experience challenges there, you will also not unleash your potential if you remain mired in routine.

Give yourself credit for choosing to move forward. You are not stuck with a life that is merely a result of your habits and routines. Instead, you have a chance to transform yourself in a way that is powerful and lasting! That’s a cause worth celebrating and puts you in a particular class of people who take control of their lives. Trust in yourself and the path becomes clear.

Watch The Secret on Netflix
Watch The Secret on Netflix

The research for this blog led me to Stuart and Jay. They pointed in the direction of the movie “The Secret ” ( now on Netflix ) It all starts with a clear vision …….  Check out if your vision is already straight !

Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams !

Off the beaten track

Recently I heard somebody say: “If you keep doing what you did, you will get what you have always gotten”. Nothing wrong with that, an outsider looking at my life would say. But for me, at that time, it was like a wakeup call. Of course, it was not the first time I heard this phrase, but it was like now it really hit me for the first time.

As you might have read in the “About me” section on my webpage, I have a long history in working in the advertisement business. Together with my first wife I ran a successful company in that segment for 11 years, until we split, both personal and professional. A logical step at that time was to pursue the path well-travelled by me; so, I partnered up with two hotshots in advertising and was copying what I had done so many years with my first wife. I was looking for reassurance; next to selling cars, me managing an advertising agency was the only thing I had ever done.

Now STOP the timeframe.  Looking back now at that exact same point in my life, I realized only recently, so many years later, that that was a wrong choice. A bad choice actually.

Driven by fear?

Driven by fear ?
Is this car driven by fear ?

I had the opportunity there and then to turn my life around. To say goodbye to the comfortable business environment I was acting in for many years. Instead, I took the easiest way into the future. Starting a new business in the exact same industry. To be honest, I copied my former company and continued business as I had known it. I did not even consider doing something else. Maybe driven by fear? Or maybe it was just the easiest thing to do.

If I had only stopped and gave it some thought. I was given a second chance. A chance to reevaluate and diversify. Instead, I moved through the world with blinders on. The opportunity was there right in front of me, handed on a silver platter.

I see that now. Looking back, I identified the missed opportunity and I promised myself it would never happen to me again. I made myself promise that every three months I would book a break out session. With myself. An away day. This would allow me to stop and think instead of running around chasing opportunities, working on projects and only realizing when it is too late that I missed an exit somewhere along the way.

Stop the bad habits.

Let's stop the bad habits.
Let’s stop the bad habits.

Guess what; it works! Since I am a creature of habit, I must admit I always do the same thing on such a day. I rise early, take my Labrador Max for a 3k walk and then go out to what is now my favorite coffee place in town. Ow, I did buy the newspaper on the way there and for the first hour I just sit there, drink coffee and read about the world news. This creates peace of mind (making sure to skip the parts about nuclear wars, the Trump administration or animal cruelty!). Then after that hour I am all settled in, I turn on my laptop and start writing about what I want to achieve in the three months to come. I read back that document which I have written three months prior to see how I have done.

Don’t make a to do list! Make a “what do I want to achieve list”. Make sure your goals are feasible in the timeframe. Be realistic. But it is like a brainstorm, there are no bad ideas. After lunch I take a stroll around town, and switch coffee places to make sure I can absorb a new environment. I open the document I made in the morning again and now shave the list with the ideas I like to pursue the coming period.

Focus on the result.

Focus on the result
And focus on the result.

After such a day, I feel reenergized. Fully focused and confident I am on the path I want to be.

Such an away day was actual what led me to these guys. Somewhere after my second morning coffee I realized I wanted to become an authority in online marketing (nothing wrong with setting your goals high standard!). I did loads of research, which led me to Stuart and Jay. They were, and still are, my mentors on my journey.  Check out what they can do for you! Make sure to book your own away day!  And book your Free Video training here !

Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams !

The Art of Selling Value

Companies maximize their profits by selling value: in their product delivery, customer service and as business matter experts selling knowledge. Value-added selling is a sales techniques that enhances the inherent merit for any product or service. Companies offering HUMAN selling rely on customer input in customizing their sell approach. In this blog: the keywords for value/merit/human are the same.

Trust is key.

The Customer relies on trust before purchase. Who would buy a product or service, without trust in that purchase? Companies are well aware that integrity, trust, and expert knowledge brands their offering. Customers want a real return on investment. So, within the business environment, there is current trending from product-oriented selling to human-based selling. Some national statistics for 2017: (19%) of buyers want to connect with a salesperson when first learning about any product – the “awareness stage”; (60%) of buyers want to connect with sales after product research and list in hand – the “consideration stage”; and, (20%) of buyers want to consult with a sales person after product decision- the “decision stage”. This means there is a real need for life cycle human-based interaction for sales solutions.

Trust is key
Daddy holding his child

Product vs. Value Sales

EBay and other digital marketing/sales companies offer a product sell marketplace and digital platform relying on customer satisfaction. No selling techniques are needed. Customers know what they want to purchase, they price items accordingly, and buy/sell as desired. Obviously, if items/delivery are substandard, they won’t sell. Trust comes into play with good product.

Similarly, the classic business selling technique relies on brand recognition and product-based merit.

As business sales trend to merit-based, companies are intent on offering strategies that build on client need. Clients want integrity and fairness. The art of the sale has become formalized to capture HUMAN. Certain fundamental principles of human-based selling apply, some of which are captured below. Now, sales forces capture the “Human Element” within sales techniques.

Human-Based Sales Techniques :

  • Human-Based Sales focus on evaluation/consequences;
    A seller must be able to evaluate sales costs and consequences during client interaction, or investment is remote. The average buyer feels a sales person’s relevant business knowledge is more valuable than recitation of product specification/features and benefits.
  • Human-Based Sales focus on solving client problems;
    Companies now need to “problem solve” in real time. What is the best product to sell? Does this product meet client specifications?
  • Human-Based Sales focus on product solution specifics;
    Outside of the product description, does the product provide real-time and long-term merit to the client? A solution must be personally-tailored and unique. Avoid broad and general product descriptors.
  • Human-Based Sales create meaningful value within client interaction;
    Sellers create and establish meaningful interaction by responding to questions simply, directly and completely; sharing insights; and best of all, revealing relevant facts that the buyer was previously unaware of.
  • Human-Based Sales facilitate the buying process, not the sales process;
    Sellers know that if solutions don’t offer a distinct/higher-merit approach, the problem or issue isn’t solved. In this case, a sale will be remote and the seller should qualify-out.
Ad Value
Money clip

Apply and train.

The Art of Selling is based on other-than-product solutions for integrity and knowledge. Read this blog, apply the techniques, and move away from listing product attributes to maximize profit. Use a Brand to solely provide description. Stay responsive to buyer needs and customize their solutions. Train your sales staff in these approaches. Better yet, companies now offer sales groups who are tasked to advise, sell, monitor and service these human-based accounts. Creating these internal sales groups is key.

Do you want to learn how to sell value to your customer Make sure  that you book your Free Video training here !

Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams !

How to be successful in online marketing and sales.

Online marketing and sales

I wish I had the ultimate answer to that. Sure, I have some ideas (pretty good ones actually!), but I can not present you with the ultimate 7 steps path you need to follow become successful in online marketing.

What I can do however, is share from my personal experience. I have learnt valuable lessons and crawled up after business decisions that turned out the be the wrong ones. I am going to share them with you, so you don’t need to make the same mistakes and you are off to a flying start.

Focus on the target.

Focus on the target
Focus on the target

Three things first, which I believe are most crucial to be successful; FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS.

If you don’t have focus; if you don’t have that dot on the horizon where you want to go; you will fail. Sounds harsh, but it is very real. Ask yourself, before anything else; what is it you ultimately want to achieve? Is it money? Is it freedom? Is it independency? Whatever the answer is,  whatever your goal is, make sure you know what it is. This will help you in all the following steps of your life. Everything can relate to your ultimate goal.

Now you know your goal and have your focus right, it is time to zoom in on your target audience. Who do you want to sell to? What is the profile of these consumers? Where do your find them? What tone of voice do you need to trigger them? Make sure you collect the answer to these questions (preferably all, but at least a few) before you move on. Only the right message, at the right time, to the right audience will make a sale. It all comes down to timing and relevance.
Now the good thing is, you don’t need to figure this all out by yourself. Make sure you form a group of peers around you who you can use as a sounding-board. You don’t use them for every single decision you need to make. But surely, at times, you need to make business decisions who you would like to match against such a group. I know I am very grateful to have a group like that.

Content for your target audience.

Once you know who your target group is, it is time to feed them with relevant, interesting content.  Preferably content that is startling. There are several ways you can obtain this content. Either you write it yourself; it is helpful if you are a gifted writer, if not, you might want to consider to outsource this part of your website. There are plenty of parties out there who can assist you with that. It sounds great to be unburdened on this topic, but there is also a danger by doing so. You need to constantly be critical on the content you receive from these parties. Does it sound like you would say it? Like you would write it?  If you approve the message, the content and the tone of voice; nothing wrong with using it. But, major lesson learnt; Be Genuine & be an expert.

Whether you are launching a website selling refrigerators or one that positions you as a sales consultant; position yourself as the expert you are. Since you took the trouble to go into your specific business, launch a website and generate interesting content, you ARE the expert. Make sure your audience see you like this. Position yourself as a thought leader, without being cocky 😉

Optimization of your website.

Optimize website
Optimize website

The above is all worthless if the User Expericene (UX) on your website is not thought through. Make sure all navigation is logical; the back button brings you back to the exact spot you where cruising before and topics and chapters are easy to find. Make it the visitor of your site as easy as possible; this is actually a great time to call your sounding board peer group for help! They probably provide a fresh look which leads to interesting insights!

Now I don’t want to scare you, but your website is never “ready”. The process of optimization is continuously asking effort. By analyzing your client data and behavior, you will want to make changes to your site. How do your visitors use your website? There are a few good programs out there that can help you track this, like Hotjar. They provide very interesting insights on moments of clicks, navigation etc.

Call to action.

Call to action
Call to action

The list of tips & tricks to be successful in online marketing (and sales!) is never ending. The above are just a hand full of them, who really helped to get me started. I did not figure them all out by myself, I be honest about that.  When I was starting in this field, the guys  over at SFM provided me a kick start. I would not have been where I am today if it wasn’t for them. They might be able to do the same for you. Interested to find out more? Check out this information in their program. 

Now, I am off, taking another close look at my hotjar account again 😊

Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams !

The Future Belongs to Brave Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is defined as an individual who has the capacity to create and manage an enterprise, assuming risk and initiative greater than another business agent. The future belongs to those brave entrepreneurs who not only participate in the shared economy, but bring innovation to business practices. Capitalization of the economy is key.

1. Participation within the e-commerce environment

Shared economy
Shared economy

With the advent of computers, and subsequent internet creation, entrepreneurs may easily sell and buy goods in a global economy unhindered by travel times to goods/suppliers. Now with a click of a button, entrepreneurs may buy and sell their viable goods without the constraints from earlier business eras. This digital transformation is valuable to a brave entrepreneur. Ideas are turned into reality through partnership within the internet business environment. A shared economy, readily accessed, can provide a toolbox for idea valuation, knowledge, and business sales and marketing strategies.

E-commerce participation advances partnerships for business start-ups, for example. Partners and stakeholders to innovative ideas are necessary for prospective funding options. Partners in a shared economy also spread risk from legal factors. This is the future of business.

2. Innovation within the current e-commerce environment

The brave entrepreneur provides innovation to the future. Business is elevated through a transformation from uninspired practices to perhaps a digital shared economy. This is accomplished through several methods. Entrepreneurs may develop business websites advertising their goods/services, may develop their internet marketing tools to advertise their goods, and may develop business forums to include blogs, commentary and website sharing activity. These business forums share innovation throughout the business community.

3. Transformation of the e-commerce environment

The near future is challenging to sometimes pat business practices. Though it is easier to buy and sell through the internet, the value of goods has been transformed. Now goods are exchanged, rented, borrowed, and used through peer-to-peer services.
This so-called share economy will transform entrepreneurs. The brave entrepreneur must be aware of the changing digital market to a collaborative economy. The possession of goods is advancing to a greater value for mere usage of same goods. Business niches now show unusual movement for bartership, rental, and exchange services. These niches are rapidly growing, and may, in the short-term, decrease profits from standard buy/sell enterprises.

Jewels on the red carpet
Jewels on the red carpet

The brave entrepreneur must capitalize on these new markets within a share economy. Note how Airbnb, Snapgoods and other collaborative arrangements are flourishing. Jewelry is rented for red carpets, not bought, because the digital advertising outfall is so lucrative. The use of items supplant the outright possession of bought goods. If every conceivable good can be used through other methods than possession from monetary sale, then strategies much evolve to collaborative share – share economy – to also provide business profit. After all, profit drives the business environment. That remains the challenge to the entrepreneur.

Would you like to be a brave Entrepreneur? Click on the banner below !

Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams !

Developments in Dutch e-commerce market.

That I am pursuing the right path became clear once more earlier this week.


In HY1 2018, 17% of all product spending comes from online shopping trips (HY1 2016:13%)
In HY1 2018, 17% of all product spending comes from online shopping trips (HY1 2016:13%)

The figures:

Half year figures were presented  by the Dutch Homeshopping association. An institution which is seen as an authority when it comes to online sales in The Netherlands. Figures show that in the first six months of 2018, online sales have grown with 7.7%. And not only that, the number of transactions per person, and the number of persons buying online are rising.

In The Netherlands, 91% of all people over 15 years old are using the internet to make their purchases.

Food and nearfood is the fastest growing category in The Netherlands (+39% HY17 vs HY18), followed by Health & Beauty (+22%), Shoes & Personal lifestyle (+21%), Telecom and Toys (both+18%). When it comes to online food shopping, The Netherlands is the leading country in the EU, followed by the UK. The average in Europe overall is 14%. Not bad for our small country!

Consumers like to be served.

Adaptable to change
Adaptable to change

Let’s take a moment to think about that 91% of people that shop onine. Imagine how large your crowd is to whom you could be selling.

In the olden days merchants were relying on stores in shopping streets, actual shopping windows to show their goods. Consumers would walk through the streets, peek into your window and if they happened to like what they saw, they might walk in. Only to quickly browse the racks and shelfs and then to disappear out of the store, leaving the merchant without any clue who just entered (and left!) without a purchase.  Boy have those days changed.

No wonder every respectable brand is to be found on the internet. Fish where the fish are. And when they are there! Recently I was asked the following question: did you ever make a purchase out of bed? If they’d ask my wife this question, the answer would have definitely been yes! Not so strange, when you come to think of it, consumers like to be served at their fingertips. Regardless of their location.

Speed of change
Speed of change

Do not miss the boat.

The future is now. No online presence yet? You might have missed the boat. But it is not too late yet! There are many ways to kick start your way to these millions of potential buyers. A very good first step is to have enough drive & passion for a product. Continuously set your priorities and determine whether the action you are about to take is worth the effort. By doing so, you avoid wasting time on the wrong things. Be prepared to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.

It is very exciting to start your own business online, and maybe even scary at some times. The good thing is, you don’t need to face it alone.  Steward   and Jay are helping me with every step of the way I have taken and am taking. It is good to have a soundboard every now and then to test your ideas. They have given me loads of inspiration and the courage to become that online entrepreneur.

Wondered what they did for me? Click here to find out more information on their methods, it is worth the read.

Enjoy your Day and Focus on your Dreams !

Source: CBS, Eurostat and Dutch Ecommerce Monitor Q2 2018